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A Plea To The MLB

With the threat of Covid-19 seemingly calming to a screeching hault surrounding the recent George Floyd protests, now, more than ever we really need players and owners of MLB to get this right.

I will not pretend to understand all of the ins and outs of the financial portion of the game, and I will never condemn the players for getting all of the money that they deserve. I am not here to tell the owners that they are being greedy, or even argue that they hoard money and make too much money.

I am here to make a plea. This country needs you. Much like we needed you and you were there during the Gulf war, and much like you were there and held us together after 9-11. While you don’t owe any of us anything personally, you certainly do owe us as fans. You owe it to us to be there for us as we are for you on the field. You owe it to us to bring us together in a time where everything seems to be tearing us apart. And you owe it to us, to put your differences aside, to give back to the fans and the game that has given you so much.

This game, and sports in general, has shown throughout history that it can bring us together like nothing else. In the confines of a stadium we cheer together as a family, we give the road fans as much shit as we can, and for the 3-4 hours that we are at the game, and the couple hours after that we inhabit the local bars, there are no political issues, there are no religious issues, there are no racial tensions. It is just us, our teams, and our families and friends. Win, lose, or draw, we just want to enjoy our time.

Right now, you are at odds over the amount of games, and you are at odds over money. No matter who is right and who is wrong you owe it to us to do your part, to do what you can to bring us all back to some sort of normalcy.

There is no winner in the riots, and we can only hope that the voices of the protests, can be heard. But what can happen and what must happen is players on the field playing the games we love to watch, allowing us to cheer for the teams we love, giving us the opportunity to come back together.

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