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All OR Nothing

Face it, we cannot run from Covid-19. It has run our world for the last two months and it will continue to do so of the next two months, maybe even two years. I am not here to talk about that however, we are here to talk about professional players.

Baseball has come out and said that they will resume the season starting July 4th. With Spring Training starting sometime in June, as states allow it. With half of the MLB season over when we officially have opening day, owners are coming out and saying that they will only pay the players a percentage of their salary for the upcoming season.

A few big names have said, “I want all my money, its not my fault” or “I want all my salary, or I am not playing this season”. Let me stop everyone right there, these big names, Bryce Harper, will make over $330 Million over the next 12 seasons. If you can not live off $12.6 million in one year you are not living right. People are struggling out here and you are complaining about missing out on $12.6 million out of your $26+ million you will make in 2020.

We see it, every year, these young men getting millions a pond millions of dollars to play a game that most of us would play for free. I say it, cause no one else will. Professional players make too much money. Its simple. One person over the next 13 years will make over $330 million. What can you seriously do with all that money? Yes, I understand setting up your family for life. But this type of money is your family, your kid’s family, your kid’s, kid’s family, your kid’s, kid’s, kid’s family, and your kid’s, kid’s, kid’s, kid’s, family. Heck none of those kids could make a single dime in their lives and live better than me if I go a rob the local bank four times over.

With all this money floating around the professional sports, I never want to hear the words, “I want all my $30 million or I won’t play this season” again. This is 100% stupid. Suck it up and only eat 15 T-bone steaks this week instead of your normal 37.

Let me end with this last thought; How much many is enough?


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