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Batter Up! A Movie Line-up

Putting Together A Baseball Movie Lineup

It’s time to take a break from serious writing for a minute, and get some play time with my photo editing software. I am not just a die hard sports fan, but a die harder movie fan. Drawing on my expertise and revisiting my love of baseball collecting, I decided to put together my baseball lineup, comprised of fictional movie characters (with one exception). I gave each player a classic looking baseball card, from the year the movie came out. Major League came out in 1989, so all players from that movie with have 1989 Topps or Upper Deck cards. Now that we know the rules, Play Ball!!!

Catcher - Crash Davis

This was the first player I started with. It pained me something fierce not to select Jake Taylor, from my all time favorite movie, but Crash brings the same level of leadership to a dugout, does not have bad knees, and gives you power from both sides of the plate. I think my team will have a good mixture of veterans and young players, but Catcher is the most imp[ortant position on the field, so I’m starting with a legend.

First Base - Jack Elliott

Jack is a world series MVP, and he did lead the yankees in 9th inning doubles, in the month of August. He has a bit of an attitude, but that can be reigned in by veteran leadership. After a short stint in Japan, Jack comes back to the bigs with renewed power. Big Hit, happy body!

Second Base - Mickey Scales

I love the movie little big league. I think it was my dream to own a baseball team since I saw it in 1994. In movies, middle infielders don’t get any love, as big home run hitters are more captivating than speedy number 8 hitters, so the pickins were slim. Mickey Scales plays 2nd base in the movie, and shows some flash turning double plays.

Shortstop - Jackie Robinson

OK, so Jackie Robinson is not a fictional character, but I’m using some creative license here. Soul of the game is a fictional story wrapped tightly around real life players and events. They even show Robinson wearing #42, when he actually wore #5 initially for the Monarchs. He will make a great center infield along with Mickey Scales.

Third Base - Roger Dorn

Another attitude problem, and I’m sure he will be best friends with Jack, but like Elliott, he comes around in the end. He is a career .290 hitter, and once he starts to give some effort, will be a nice anchor at third base. Every team needs an A-hole.

Outfield - Roy Hobbs

This is the biggest no brainer on the list. Roy gets a late start to his career thanks to being shot, and needing to do some soul searching, but as a big league hitter, he can hit bombs like nobody else in the game. I hope I get some Bonds like twilight years from him. In a pinch, he could step in and pitch.

Outfield - Willie Mays Hayes

In the words of Mickey Gold, “We need speed. Speed is what we need. We need greasy, fast speed!” Willie brings speed by the truckload. 100 pairs of black gloves for 100 bases he plans to steal. In an age where the league leader steals 40 bags, you can’t pass up a leadoff hitter that can steal triple digits.

Outfield - Davis Birch

I passed on Cerano, as I did not want to pick all characters from Major League, plus he cant hit the curveball. Birch, like Hobbs, is at the end of his career, but still hitting cleanup for the New York Yankees. One can only imagine how good Billy Chapels best friend was in his prime.

Starting Pitcher - Steve Nebraska

Who else could you put here? The guy throws 110mp fastball, and switch hits with Babe Ruth power from both sides of the plate. He’s the original Otani. This guy is a #1 starter in either league. Crash will need to help him with that 5 cent head though.

Closer - Rick Vaughn

He was a starter the majority of both movies he was in, but he really shined when put into the crucial closing role. Even walking the bases loaded so he could strike out the best hitter on the White Sox. Wild Thing is a straight savage.

DH - Clu Haywood

I may never use a DH, since I have Steve Nebraska, but depth is always a good thing. This guy won the American League triple crown. There was no way I was leaving him off the roster.

Honorable Mentions: Bobby Rayburn, Pedro Cerano, Billy Chapel, Lou Collins, Stan Ross.

Someone always gets left out, but this is my crew, and I’ll put them against any fictional team on the planet.

Wayne Gregoire, Infinity Sports

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