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Best MLB Players To Wear 6-10

Now that everybody has had a moment to digest numbers 0-5, it is time to bring you numbers 6-10. I know a lot of people had questions about number 5, but I assure you that I have my reasons, and those reasons are correct if you can get past the thinking that offense is the only dynamic in the game.

So here come 6-10, I am sure I will get some lash back here too, but maybe not. I think 6-10 are pretty clear cut, although a couple numbers I looked long and hard before finalizing my decision.

6 Stan Musial

As a life-long diehard Cubs fan, I looked long and hard at this one and tried to come up with a better number 6, even thought of inserting Ty Cobb and saying he should have worn the number 6. I looked long and hard at Al Kaline too. The truth is that when it comes down to it, there is nobody who wore 6 that is better than Stan and there is a reason he was nicknamed “The Man”.

7 Mickey Mantle

In all honesty, I probably could have made numbers 2-8 all Yankees and not got much flack about any of them. But #7 belongs to Mickey Mantle, and there is nobody even close. Guys like Craig Biggio and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez had great careers though.

8 Carl Yastrzemski

I have heard a lot of old time baseball guys talk about how undervalued Yaz was, and how underrated he was. The more I looked into this one, the more I realize they’re absolutely right. The #8 has been worn by a lot of worthy players on this list, Yogi Berra, Joe Morgan, Cal Ripken Jr. But this guy, who many outside of Boston may not know was an absolute stud. He may have never played in 2,632 consecutive games but he does have 18x All-Star, 7 gold gloves, an MVP, and a Triple Crown on his resume among much much more.

9 Ted Williams

Many have hailed him as the greatest hitter to ever play the game. Sorry Boston fans but he is definitely not that, but he is the greatest player to ever wear number 9. Not very many great players have ever donned this number, and I feel if I write this article ten years from now, Javy Baez may fill this slot.

10 Ron Santo

This was probably the closest call I have had out of all the numbers, and maybe my bias to the Cubs led me here. With all due respect to Chipper Jones, Ron Santo is the best player to have ever worn number 10. He has 5 more gold gloves than Chipper and comparable offensive stats, and he did all of this on two bad knees while battling Diabetes his entire career. This man loved his Cubs and that always reflected in his color commentary role on WGN radio in Chicago. It is a travesty that he wasn’t elected to the hall of fame on first ballot, and it is even worse that it waited until the committee voted him in posthumously.

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