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Kamara gets Traded

As rumors flew yesterday reports and disreports started to come out. Let us get some of the facts out there. The fact is Alvin Kamara wasn't at practice the last 3 days. The fact is he is set to make $2.1 Million this season.

Now lets us get the rumors out there. Rumor is that Saints are opened to trading Kamara. Why don't we go ahead address that right now. Everyone is open to trading everyone. I do not care if you are Patrick Mahomes or Jimmy G or even Tom Brady. If a team throws the house and car at you why not listen? Next, when a person is holding out because he wants more money, especially at the Running Back spot, its only natural to look to move him. Running backs are a dime a dozen and I think Kamara falls into dime talk.

Lets address the next rumor that came out. The rumor is that Kamara was getting treatment on his back. This raises red flags in my eyes. You are a young man, working on a contract, and you are injured before the season even starts? Sound the alarms! Everything is starting to make sense now right?! He wants more money, he's "holding" out, and the Saints are open to moving him. I will let you fill in the blanks, but its clear, Kamara is going down hill. Welcome to the league running back. 5 years is all you are worth.

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