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MLB's Best at Each Position

So baseball is back, and After the last few blogs it really got me thinking about the game. Not that I’m not already always thinking about the game, but you get what I am saying. I started thinking about all the great players in today’s game and I wondered who’s the best players at each position heading into 2020.

I will admit this was a fun one, and to be perfectly honest, there are a lot of considerations. I debated giving you a top 3 and then thought that might be a little diluted and somewhat of a scapegoat. I love arguing with my readers, and I am certain some of the names on my list are going to stir up some talks. I don’t have any Astros or Yankees on my list, which might be a little surprising, considering how stacked both of those teams are.

Some of these may come as no surprise, if you read my top 10 players in the game right now blog. So without further adieu, here are your starting 9 at each position in the game today.

LF- Juan Soto

This kid is a bonafide stud! Not only has he hit .287 with 56 HR in his first two seasons in the league, but he really proved himself in the postseason. He showed up in some big moments in the Nationals championship run, and hit .333 and slugged at .741 with 3 HR and 7 RBI. He is going to be good for a long time and has already proven that he is here to stay. A guy like this could really thrive in this upcoming 60 game sprint, if he come out of the gates as hot as the weather.

CF- Mike Trout

This was the easiest selection on the board. The best player in the game, is also the best CF in the game and if you could clone him at 9 other positions he would start them all.

RF- Christian Yelich

As clutch a player as I have ever seen. He shines under pressure, and if he comes up with the game on the line, he is going to win the game. I did give a quick thought to Mookie here, since I am a huge fan of Betts. But this one was an easy pick, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon which does not bode well for me and my fellow Cubs fans.

3B- Anthony Rendon

A lot of people will scream for Nolan Arenado here, and I think that if you by current resume that Kris Bryant is in the conversation. But the eye test, and the way this guy plays the game, tells me that Rendon is the no brainer heading into 2020. He did hit 7 less home runs than Arenado, but he also doesn’t play in Colorado. He hit for better average, had more RBI, and more runs score and a much higher OBP and OPS. SO argue all you want, but right now Rendon is the best 3B in the game.

SS- Javier Baez

The best defensive player in baseball and it’s not even close. The absolute best hands in the game, and the kid can just hit. He plays every day like he is back home on the sandlot and his love for the game and energy are just infectious. I will hear Acuna’s name get dropped here I am sure, but if I am starting a team today I am taking Javy Baez before I take any SS in the game.

2B- Ketel Marte

This one was a tough one. I considered DJ Lemahieu, in the end I just think he is a product of a star studded cast around him so he sees better pitches. I also Considered Ozzie Albies, I love the middle infield of Atlanta and I think they are going to be the best combo in baseball sooner rather than later. But Ketel Marte is on another level right now. The kid is a beast. With a war a full 2 points higher than Albies, better stats than both (though it was close), Marte is the right choice here.

1B- Freddie Freeman

Another tough one for me. I highly value Pete Alonso but he’s just not there yet for me, I need to see more consistency from him at the dish. I also Considered Anthony Rizzo here, I think he’s always in the conversation especially defensively. But freeman is the most consistent of them all on both sides of the ball. Say in and day out you know what you are getting when he steps on the field. He is one of my favorite players in the league to watch, and he is one hell of a human being on top of it.

C- Willson Contreras

You can argue Grandal and Realmuto here if you want to, but you would be wrong. Neither of those guys have half the arm that Contreras does behind the plate, and Contreras is every bit the offensive players that those guys are. The way this kid handles his pitching staff, as a rising star working a Veteran staff, is unreal. Willson Contreras is the best catcher in baseball and it’s not even close.

DH- Nelson Cruz

Not very many guys out there are strictly a DH anymore. But Nelson Cruz has averaged 40 home runs a season for the last 6 years and has hit for average as well, posting a .311 mark in 2019. Nelson Cruz is a pure DH and a viable threat for the Minnesota Twins.

P- Max Scherzer

I get that Jacob DeGrom has been an absolute beast, but if I had one game to win to save my life, I am going with Max Scherzer. I go with Scherzer over DeGrom because he has proven to be able to do it in the postseason. He is a bulldog and the most intimidating pitcher in the game today.

I know some of you may have a different list, but I assure you that my team would kick your teams ass in a 7 game series. So bring it.

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