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Today started as any normal day started going on NFL.com, ESPN, and other media outlets to see if there was anything new. Scrolling through everything nothing new at this point I’m sitting here thinking what am I going to write about for my opening segment for Mike & Mike in the afternoon, meh I think of something before the show. While I'm working my apple watch gives me a notification from ESPN, I glance at it as I normally do and go on about my day, but on this notification, I had to do a double-take as it read Poker argument led to Latimer arrest.

Ok, now I'm intrigued because this is a no-name player this is a big name the redskins just acquired. The police were dispatched to Roderick Englis’s home around midnight Friday, the docs show after they received a call about possible shots fired. Once they got there ... officers say they interviewed Latimer's friend, Roderick English, who explained to them the Washington Redskins receiver went crazy after an argument over a card game. English was playing host to a poker night at his place with his GF, Latimer, and a few other buddies ... when Latimer got into a dispute with another card player. English claims he broke up the altercation and threw everybody out ... but told cops Latimer showed up a half-hour later, really pissed off at this point I'm wondering how much money did he lose. Cops say English told them Latimer pulled out a firearm and said he had saved two rounds of ammunition for English and his GF. Cops also say English told them Latimer threatened to "kill everybody." English told officers Latimer later calmed down again ... said he wouldn't kill anyone and "removed the magazine and cleared the chamber" of his gun. But, according to the docs, Latimer grew angry again ... and that's when English says Latimer fired two shots near him. Then the 2 wrestled and claimed the Latimer pistol-whipped him causing a contusion and a cut on his head. All this is kinda crazy, I don’t know if it's the lockdown from coronavirus making everyone a little crazy, but as a professional athlete, you need to be more aware of your surroundings and understand that you are not a regular person as much as you would like to think. I get that these are just people also, but at what point do you look at it from our point of view and “our” meaning the little guy who makes a decent living.

I know if I'm making millions a year to play a game I would keep my nose squeaky clean. I mean at this point these professional athletes are starting to think they are above the law and they can do what they want. Well, Mr. Latimer, you are about to find out the hard way that you are not above the law and you can’t go get a gun because you lost money in a poker game (this is what I am assuming the argument was over) take your L like a man and move on. One more thing before I get out of here his lawyer is making public outcry for Latimer saying and I quote “"There’s an entire back story to this situation that constitutes one of the most highly provocative situations you can imagine. Please withhold judgment until all the facts of what took place that night are known." I don’t care what the backstory is unless the other person was going to cause you physical harm there is no need to leave go get a weapon and then come back looking for more trouble. When Latimer left he should have just stayed gone and cooled down and left it alone, well hopefully he learned his lesson because the next lesson he learns will be a tough one and may put him out of the league for good.

God speed Latimer.

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