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Top 10 MLB Players 2020

I was interested in doing another series, possibly going position by position and naming the top 10 all-time at each position, but then a recent conversation with my friend Wayne Gregoire, host of the Infinty Sports Podcast, got me heated and turned my attention to who are the top 10 players in MLB today.

Now, I will not lie, you can probably ask 100 different people and come up with 100 different lists, however I feel that the top 3 are not debatable. Wayne argued different, and then he had the debate on his podcast amongst his co-hosts. Before I get to hear their take on it, I went to work on my list and once their episode is released I’m intrigued to see how our lists compare, because I believe Wayne has lost his damn mind.

So here we go with my list:

10. Max Scherzer

The only pitcher on my list, Scherzer is a game changer and a bulldog. He has not posted an ERA above 3.00 since 2015 and is the ace of the staff for the World Champion Washington Nationals. If I had one game to win to save my life, this is the guy that I want on the mound. He has proven that he can pitch on short rest in big situations, and 3 runs of support is typically good enough for this guy to get a win.

9. Javier Baez

El Mago, is more than a nickname, it is Javy Baez. The guy is just pure magic on the diamond. The absolute best defender in the game, and a spark plug at the plate. He was the runner up to Christian Yelich two seasons ago for NL MVP and was having the same type of season, before injury struck him in August of last season. He is everything that you want in a ball player, and is getting better with every season.

8. Nolan Arenado

This guy is the better version of Kris Bryant. While KB is a great player, Arenado is the total package. Gold Glove caliber defensive third baseman, hits for average, hits for power, and does not strike out a whole lot. Arenado might be the best third baseman in the game right now behind Anthony Rendon.

7. Ronald Acuna Jr.

With only two years in the league, this kid has asserted himself as one of the best players in the game. He plays with that flair on both sides of the ball that gets you out of your seat. He epitomizes everything that I love about this game, last year in his second season he nearly broke the 40/40 mark, while he certainly has room for improvement defensively he is easily one of the top 10 in the game today.

6. Juan Soto

Another young phenom that has established his name already is Juan Soto. Finished 2nd to Acuna in thr ROY voting in 2018, Soto broke out last year, and proved that the bright lights, and heavy pressure of October baseball did not get to him. He came through for the World Champs in key moments, in some of the pressure packed situations. He is poised for a great career.

5. Anthony Rendon

The best 3rd baseman in the game today, and cracking the top 5 is Anthony Rendon. He has produced better numbers every year, and will now be in the same lineup as Mike Trout, which will surely only make his numbers climb at a higher rate. He is a wall at the hot corner, and one of the more consistent gloves in the game.

4. Cody Bellinger

Not much to really be said here, Cody Bellinger has been nothing less than advertised. He is a force and clearly the guy at number 4 and will only climb on this list as the years progress. Three years into his career, he has won Rookie of the Year, MVP, a Gold Glove, and a Silver Slugger. He too has proven that he can produce in the bright lights of October.

3. Mookie Betts

A top 3 player in the game, Mookie has proven he is a hitting machine, and possibly one of the best defensive outfielders to boot. One of the most genuine athletes I have ever had the pleasure to speak with, a four time gold glover, batting title, overall defensive player of the year, ML Player of the Year, 3 silver sluggers, an MVP, and a world championship, all in 6 years of service.

2. Christian Yelich

I absolutely hate this guy, he kills my Cubs. That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that he is the 2nd best player in the game today. As clutch as they come, this kid is MVP material every year. I do love his game, I love his style, and I love watching him play, I just hate the team he does it for.

1. Mike Trout

Is there any doubt that Mike Trout is the best player in baseball? Annual MVP front runner, 7x Silver Slugger, Rookie of the year, 8x all star. Trout is the mold of the perfect ball player, and in the end may be in the conversation of greatest of all time.

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