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What is success?

What is success?

Flash back to February 2020, Kansas City winning their first Super Bowl in over 50 years. They just had their 4th straight winning season, 4th straight division championship, and all the glory.

But what is success? As a lifelong Kansas City sports fan, we will get into what a life long fan is later, we are use to be the happy losers. Our baseball team was in the race for 100 losses year in and year out. Football is under .500 since 2002. And now even our shinning light, soccer, has taken a nosedive. Success for us natives was simply making it over .500. Maybe making a playoff. Hell, not getting 90 losses in a season was a success.

But since 2014 success has looked a lot different. Now if we don’t win the big game the season is deemed as a failure. If we don’t get 11 wins, football, in a season you hear what happened to the Chiefs. If Sporting KC gets beat by the LA Galaxy, we look to make moves.

I ask you this as a fan of all sports, to you what is success? Is success not being the first team to 100 losses in a season, making the playoffs, or winning the big game? In the eyes of a true fan, I always want to win the “big” game, but at what point is making the playoffs good enough? At what point is going .650 in baseball good enough?

Let us not forget that KC sports have been laughable for a very long time.

So, as we go into the 2020 NFL season and we look at successful seasons going into 2021, how can we measure Kansas City’s success? Superbowl? Playoffs? Division winner?

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